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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 19, 2013 12:00am-1:00am EST

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do not be doltish, do not be doltish when writing to the factor. thank you for watching tonight i am, here in south florida, and the spin stoere and we're definitely looking out for you. ♪ >> and welcome to this special studio audience edition of "hannity," now just days after the president unveiled his gun control proposals, the ceo of the national rifle association is here to respond to the white house's efforts to limit your second amendment rights. that exclusive interview on the way and also the national director of the n.r.a.'s school shield program and visit the n.r.a. state of the art shooting range in fairfax, virginia, we'll meet a world champion shooter and clear up myths and misconceptions about guns that a lot of people
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don't know about them and you'll hear from our studio audience, a former law enforcement official, gun rights activists who know firsthand why so many americans have chosen to arm themselves in order to protect their families. first, let's recap what was proposed earlier this we thiek. in addition, the president outlined legislative proposals and calling for the passage of a universal background check, something that critics say could lead to a gun ordinance data base and wants the assault weapons ban reinstated, an a ten round limit on magazines, and restrictions on bullets that can be possessed and manufactured and discussed a new gun trafficking law that penalizes those who help criminals obtain firearms, on wednesday, the americans called on americans to pressure their ehe lekted representatives in supporting these measures. let's take a look. >> get them on record, ask your member of congress if
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they support universal background checks to keep guns out of the wrong hands, ask if they support a ban on military style assault weapons and high capacity magazines, if they say no, ask them why not. ask them what's more important, doing whatever it takes to get an a-grade from the gun lobby that funds their campaigns or giving parents peace of mind when they drop their child off for first grade. [applaus [applause] >> and joining me to respond to the president's gun proposeals, wayne lapierre. >> good to be here. >> sean: appreciate it. [applause] >> as we get started we have some breaking news and want everybody to be aware of this and i think this is really important breaking news. and it deals with the journal news, everyone remembers
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they're the ones that outed the gun owners in westchester and new york counties, they've decided to remove the list and put the statement out today the journal news has removed the permit data from their website, our decision to do so is not a concession to critics, that no value was served posting the map in the first place, on the contrary we've heard of too many grateful members to consider our decision to post information contained in the public record to have been a mistake, nor is our decision made because we were intimidated by those who threatened the safety of our staffers, we do not cower, we believe those who want today view it have done so already. and now the data will be outdated and inaccurate. and i think a win-- i think they did cower, do you agree? >> yes, it was a shameful act. it told the criminals whose
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house to break in if they want today steal a gun. whose house to break into if they were completely unprotected. there were a the lot of women out there, women being stalked and did not want their name out there and let known they own a firearm, a shameful act. >> sean: we have two break-ins, we haven't been able to prove it was associated with that map, but i'm suspicious. what do you mean of the president, through specsmen, stephanie cutter, robert gibb. air about to be mitt romney'd and you're about to have a political campaign run against you and what's your reaction. >> you know what they forget, it's not me, it's nopt t shg, n the vast majority of the american public believe in the second amendment and protect yourself. nothing more normal than want to go protect yourself, your family and take responsibility. and i know that the president is out to shame them. they're not to be shamed, it's
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normal activity and vast majority of the american public and i believe other presidents have said you're going to bow down and give up your freedom and your rights and we saw how that worked out. the american people is going to stand and fight for their freedom and the n.r.a. is going to stand and fight with them. >> sean: let me play for you-- we're now taping this program in new york. new york as of this week has the strictest gun control measures in the country and andrew cuomo making his case to the state and legislature said the following. we'll play for you and get the following reaction, let's roll tape. >> forget the extremists, it's simple, no one hunts with an assault rifle, no one needs ten bullets to kill a deer, and too many innocent people have died already. end the madness now. mandate reasonable gun control in the state of new york.
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make this state safer. save lives. set an example for the rest of the nation, let them look at new york and say, this is what you can do, and this is what you should do. this is new york the progressive capital, you show us how they lead. >> sean: is new york safer? are lives going it be save. >> new york releases more criminals back to the street and has to reimprison criminals for new crimes they commit than any other state other than california. i've been stopped by police officers on the street, saying how ridiculous the bill was, it limits them and limits the police officers and the rest of the country, that's the last thing they want enacted in their city or state. >> sean: what you're referring to, new york police officers if they have more than seven bullets in their guns today they're violating the law.
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>> and telling me. >> sean: and bo dietl, i want to count the bullets in your gun right now. seven bullets is an important number. this was not by accident because wouldn't that then, therefore, make, what, 90, 95% of semi automatic handguns illegal in new york? >> that's what they're doing, this is just an attack, it's an attack on the second amendment is what it boils down to, sean. >> the sad thing is, how little it has to do with keeping children safe and how much it has to do with a decades long attack on the second amendment freedoms of american citizens. when this thing happened, this horrible tragic event. we at the n.r.a. is about as mainstream an organization as we can get. 4 million members, soon to be 5 million members, we have 11,000 police instructors, 80,000 police families in the n.r.a. 100,000 safety instructors, what will make people safer? we said, one thing, let's immediately put a police officer in every school in the
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country. second, let's have the n.r.a. get behind and help fund the school shield program where a model program can be put in place, and given to communities all over the country, where they could adopt it to put armed security in those schools. and that will immediately help hit safer, it will either stop or mitigate the situation if it happens. the second thing we said for the mental head system, i get stopped by police all the time and wayne, every police officer know them stop taking their medicine and they're a danger to the community and we don't have of the record of those adjudicated mentally incompetent by a court of law into the national check system. >> sean: when you said this, for example, we use armed guards to protect our elected politicians, our president, our mayors, our capital officials, money in a bank, hollywood stars, they hire bo
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dietl, right? we have courthouses and stadiums, office buildings and airports, they all have armed guards, right. >> sure. >> sean: why were people attacking, and suggesting maybe retired police officers or military be put in schools to prevent this from happening. >> it's ridiculous, they attacked me for opposing what doesn't work, one more gun law and attacked me for supporting what does work which is school security. what it really boils down to is the sanctimonious hypocrisy of the political and media elite in the country. most of their kids when they go to school they're protected by the police in the school and armed security. >> do they do that at colleges around the country. armed guards. we do and a third of the schools have security right now what president clinton proposed this years ago and yet, wayne says lets make people safe and they call me crazy, everything under the sun. i could care less because what
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i'm proposing will make people safe. what they're proposing won't. >> sean: all right, when we come back, there's a video game out there, put out there for people to shoot at you, i guess in response to all that's happening. we're going to come back. more with wayne lapierre and reaction from our audience of law enforcement members and check with the man in the n.r.a. tasked with ensuring our kids are safe, as asa hutchinson will unveil his proposal and tonight in an effort to educate to think no one should own a firearm. we hit the gun range with a champion shooter to clear up misconceptions about guns and we'll go live and log on to our special companion site. >> it's "hannity" live. weigh in on the gun debate yourself. log on as the special audience edition of "hannity" continues. the capital one cash rewards card
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>> welcome back to the special studio audience edition of "hannity." still ahead tonight we're going to the n.r.a. shooting range in virginia and clear up some of the widespread misconceptions about guns and show you some of the guns and shoot them for you tonight and also talk to former law enforcement officials and prosecutors, gun rights activists in the audience and continue to be joined by the ceo executive vice-president by the n.r.a. wayne lapierre. and this ad that n.r.a. put out about hypocrisy, i want to give you a chance to respond. roll tape. >> are the president's kids more important than yours? then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their school. mr. obama demands the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, but it's just elitist hypocrite when this comes it a
12:15 am
fair share of security. protection for their kids and gun-free zones for ours. >> sean: powerful ad, but yet, anything the n.r.a. points out seems to just come under attack. >> well, i mean, it's come to the point in this country at that hypocrisy is right out there in the open. i mean, the fact is, all of these are backing hee and political people when their kids go to school, by and large protected by police and armed security. i mean, what's unfair is there are moms and dads all over this country, getting up and sending their kids to school on monday and tuesday next week that are praying that their kids come whom safe. and we could immediately help protect those kids by putting armed security in schools, same armed security that the elite has. it's the same with self-defense. these celebrities in hollywood, the rich, the powerful, the politicians are all protected, body guards,
12:16 am
security, all the magazines they want. i mean, since when does the idea of protection limited to a politician, a powerful, elite, a celebrity, a hollywood person. >> sean: because this came up, oh you shouldn't have mentioned the president's children. the president when he was signing the executive orders had the kids put up on stage and the white house, put up the kids reading letters. >> these are pretty smart letters from some pretty smart young people. >> dear president obama, i think there should be some changes in the law with guns. it's a free country, but i recommend there needs to be a a... with guns, please don't let people own machine guns. >> can we stop using guns? i think if they are no guns on the street, no one could get hurt. >> stop gun violence, i am
12:17 am
very sad about the children who lost their lives in connecticut so i thought i would write to you to stop gun violence. >> i have four brothers and sisters and i know i would not bear the thought of losing any of them. i may not be in politics my opinion it should be very hard for people to buy guns. the only thing they do is harm or kill and guns should be used in horrible event and others get hurt if they are not. >> sean: is that exploittation? are they using kids at the white house? >> sean, this administration is not serious about cutting violence in this country. let me tell you why. if they were, the last four years, the president's home city of chicago where drug gang cartels have taken over that city. there is incredible violence every single night going on in that city. it is 89 of 90 in terms of federal enforcement of the federal gun laws on the books. i'm talking about the federal laws we have on the books that are reasonable n.r.a. supports
12:18 am
them, against drug dealers with guns, gangs with guns, felons with guns. if you want to stop murder and violence and kids being killed in chicago get out there tomorrow morning you pick these people up with the police officers stumble across them, you prosecutor them under federal law and get them off the street and get them in jail and don't get to the next crime scene. >> sean: watching this in 1980 when jimmy carter mentioned he was asking his then 12-year-old daughter amy about nuclear proliferation. there are certain things we protect our children from, seems manipulative and exploitieiexploi exploitive to me. and bob beckel, what they said, made a big deal targeted districts. i haven't-- i looked really hard today there's a new video online game that allows players to
12:19 am
shoot n.r.a. officials, one of them, i think, is you. and then they fire and they shoot n.r.a. officials. now, if this weren't a liberal what would your reaction be to in? >> sean, again, it's the state of our country. it's hypocrisy right out in the open. i mean, the media doesn't say anything about that and absolutely shameful. it's-- i mean, i pointed out that, that game online kindergarten killer, and yet, why did my staff have to find that and all the rest of the media in the country, all their staffs couldn't find it. i mean, it's gotten to the point where the video games, it's so much of it, it's killing and-- there's something wrong with a culture that entertains itself that way. >> sean: the call of duty, mortal combat. >> and most of the kids, now, raised the right way, it it doesn't affect, but in a lot of studies it shows someone is on the line, someone is on the
12:20 am
edge, it pushes them over the edge and that's something else we've got to look at. >> sean: wayne, thank you for being with us. and finding solutions, can we really keep our kids safe in schools? we need to protect our kids at school and the n.r.a. is committed to do that as is the president, and the man looking at the task to secure your kids school and we debunk the myth of firearms when we visit the gun range with a champion shooter and we're going to be firing some of these guns on "hannity" tonight and learn in the segment, what you learn in and our audience will be sou so, we all set? i've got two tickets to paradise! pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month, actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo!
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>> welcome back to "hannity," now the gun control debate in this country was reignited after the tragic sandy hook school shooting and everybody no matter what side of the aisle you happen to be on. they unanimously agree we've got to keep our kids safe at school and infringing in the second amendment right. it's not the answer and they've put together a unique group of ways to outline to keep your children safe in the classroom and it's led by this man, former congressman asa hutchinson. good to see you. >> been a while. >> sean: it's been impeachment since we talked to you last. and was there anything proposed this week or the new york law, executive orders, the laws that the president is proposing, anything that will keep people safe that will keep this from happening again? >> if you're talking about the president's proposals on
12:25 am
school safety, i'm glad that he acknowledged to have an armed presence in our school systems to keep the children safe, but the proposals were totally inadequate to accomplish that objective. you know, on the school safety side which i am looking at, you looked at funding for the cops program which means that money can be diverted away from the schools, might not even wind up there in helping the schools provide a more secure environment and in terms of what's been provided to congress on the gun control side, all i can say, that's not going to help keep our children safer and i want to look for solutions in the schools to have better technology, have the better architecture, have the armed trained presence there, to really protect the children and keep our parents having confidence in our schools. >> sean: they keep saying gun-free school zones. is that the answer? >> well, that's actually -- no, it's not the answer in terms -- of course, you could
12:26 am
have an armed trained law enforcement person there, even in a gun-free zone. so, that does not necessarily be inconsistent. but in some parts of the country there's not enough resources for a sworn officer there, so the question is, are we going to have other trained school officials there that are trained, properly trained, but can have a response capability to an armed intruder? right now, that would violate many of the state laws on gun-free zones. and so, you're going to have to look at legal changes to accomplish that level of protection if you don't have the school resource. >> and that's wayne la repapiel and almost a mocking that we would put retired policemen armed, retired military guys armed in our schools like they're in the stadiums, like they're at the airports and protecting our banks and
12:27 am
politicians. why? >> well, it really surprised me. it's because it's so common sense and it's also so historic. again, president clinton proposed a cops program that did, in the design originally, was for that to provide armed trained security in our schools. that flourished, but then it was defunded until it pretty well stopped, but it started with president clinton. and then you also, i make the comparison with our, they call it the federal flak deck officer program, but it's a pilot. after 9/11 pilots said you train me, i shg, i'll carry a g the cockpit and it will never happen again. and there's controversy, it's a sensitive environment, guns don't belong in the airplane or the cockpit. the pilots showed there's a training program that the federal government sponsored and they were trained, it protects the airplane, not one incident of a problem. >> let me just show, i've been saying that this is feel-good legislation, that there's motion, a the lot of motion,
12:28 am
and lot of rhetoric, a lot of props being used, exploittation of a tragedy. in new york, they passed a law this week and i'm going to put up on the screen a picture. two guns, the exact same gun, exact same caliber of bullet, and one has a pistol grip, the other does not. one is banned, one is legal. now, that's the type of thing that makes me say, these guys have no clue what they're talking about. by the way, would anybody here use the pistol grip on their rifle, anyway? nobody would, it's cosmetic, wouldn't even use it. >> sean, i'll say there's one particular pistol i purchased when i went backpacking in alaska, my wife wanted something other than a whistle to protect myself from the grizzly bears, and that weapon would be banned under governor cuomo's proposal and some of the proposals that are going forward in congress. that will not make our schools any safer. >> sean: no, not at all. >> and seriously violates the second amendment.
12:29 am
>> sean: i literally had to count my bullets in the magazine this week so i would not be breaking the law. good to see you. asa, thank you very much. coming up next, don't want to miss this, time to clear up the misconceptions that anti-gun activists that they have about firearms. and we'll check in with a world champion shooter, that's her right there. stay with us, she's going to teach you a thing about guns teach you a thing about guns as our special audience so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> and welcome back to "hannity." now the obama administration is trying to trample all over your second amendment rights and i think part of it has to do with the fact they're just not really well-educated. a the lot of people when it comes to understanding the difference between various firearms. let not your heart be troubled, we're about to give those people a lesson for that go to the n.r.a. shooting range in fairfax, virginia,
12:34 am
world champion jessie is there. >> i'm good, sean, how are you. >> sean: i'm good. we'll start with an ar-15, i think. >> we are, actually i have a wide variety of firearms and they're all semi automatic and differ in appearance and uses, but they all have the same function and going to demonstrate that by shooting three rounds out of each just to show the semi automatic capability and go over a little of their uses and start with probably one of the most popular rifles in the u.s. right now thanks to the media attention, ar-15, 223 caliber semi automatic rifle. something i use in competitions myself. and i know, everyone sales it's so big and scary, but that's simply, these are cosmetic features that have no bearing on the firearm's function at all and i want to go over a few of those quick. this is the pistol grip that everybody is talking about and that's simply for stability, it helps me maneuver through a
12:35 am
stage of competition and has no bearing how it functions. these are for attachments, a flashlight, a scope to ease through competition, this is in competition and i shoot targets 5 and 600 yards i've got to see it and this is collapsible to make it a better size to fit you. for instance, my five-year-old nephew harvested his first deer about a month ago with my competition rifle and able to make this fit him and i think one of the reasons it's so popular, it's a he easy rifle to shoot. light weight, maneuverable and no recoil whatsoever. i'm going to shoot it quick and see the impact in the target that it will make. >> okay. . [shooting] >> all right. now, this is the ar-15 that
12:36 am
everyone is wanting to ban. >> sean: i want to see what you hit. can we get a shot of that, okay. okay. so, as you can see, the targets-- i'm only kidding, you wouldn't be able to see them. >> that was a good shot. and you planned it like that, you're that good. >> i did, i did, right where i was aiming. >> sean: okay, perfect. >> the next rifle i want to show you, this is a more traditional hunting rifle, but just like ar-15, it's a semi automatic, i have to pull the trigger each time like you saw, this is a browning, 3-0-6. and this is a popular round because of this capabilities at long range differences on big game in the u.s. and i will show you that one. [shooting]
12:37 am
>> there we go. that's the hunting rifle. >> sean: you were a little off on that last shoot. >> i know, i probably flinched a little bit. >> sean: you were rushing. >> okay, the next gun i want to show you the firearm, a beretta 12 gauge. semi automatic like the 30-0-6 and ar-15, two different shells one is a slug and one is the water round. and i shoot this in competition, and it's good for hunting, recreational shooting and also, competitions like i do. so let he me show you that real quick. . [shooting] >> there we go. as you can see, we have some different sizes in the calibers here and if you want i can go down range and show you quick.
12:38 am
the thing i want to show you, the 223, the big bad scary rifle, ar-15 this is the impact that the projectile made out of it. over here the 30-0-6 bigger than the ar-15 the vuing is a lot bigger than the 30-0-6 and last are this pattern, i mean, you can see the difference, so, what i wanted to show you was that this is the least of your worries out of everything that i fired today and this is what they're trying to ban. so, everything here-- >> the last gun you fired was not mentioned in the ban? >> i'm sorry? >> was the last gun you mentioned was not mentioned in the ban, correct the one. >> it's a semi automatic, yes, correct, correct of the shotgun was not mentioned in the ban and this is the damage it does, as compared to the ar-15, 223 round which is trying to be banned. >> sean: do you have a quick chance to show us the .9
12:39 am
millimet millimeter pistol. >> a high powered semi automatic 9 millimeter, it's a very popular handgun around the world and i will show you just what the caliber does itself. itse itself. [shooting] >> you can see that one and i can show you the .45 as well. this is a colt 1911, a semi automatic as well and i use this in competition and it got its name because it was designed in 1911. 100 years ago and it's still, this is what use today. [shots] >> wow. >> so-- >> by the way, i'm doubling down on my bet. betting on you, not bo dietl.
12:40 am
and that's great shooting. >> as you can see-- >> one last question before i let you go, a lot of people hear these names and semi automatic and they're afraid of them and there are so many weapons, what you're saying there's no massive logic reason what they're banning, is that a fair statement. >> i believe that's a fair statement. what you spoke with asa hutchinson is cosmetic it has no baring on the firing and functioning of an ar-15 and strictly for me to help me through competition, it doesn't make it big, bad, scary or worse than one without those features. so i believe that's a fair statement. >> sean: all right. jessie, very, very informative, a great shot and i look forward to the bet with bo. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up, when he we come back, our studio audience, and they sound out and explain why we've got to protect the second amendment
12:41 am
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>> now, while the white house continues to defend its gun grab, we have a bone chilling 911 tape we've played on the program before, but i want to play it again because it serves as a reminder that owning guns can also save lives. now, here is what happened. according to police, belinda herman and two children were alone, and husband was not home at that time and he coached her after he called the police during the home invasion. >>.
12:46 am
>> and we're joined by our studio aw stew studio audience and thank you for being here, appreciate it. bo dietl, sir, when you hear that, af been on the streets of new york, people know you, you're a cop. how common is that? >> the thing is, this is very common as far as people having the right to have a firearm in their house and this just shows you, when someone's breaking in your house and you don't have a firearm, what are you supposed to do hide under your bed until someone kills
12:47 am
you? this is a reality of what's going on out there. crime is out there. if you don't have that second rights amendment, you have a problem. i talked to the state senator's office, and they're putting an amendment to this stupid haw here in new york. the cops outside are not able to carry any guns with over seven rounds. >> sean: you told me you took out three bullets, from your magazine. >> i didn't tell you that. because i'm probably in violation, i didn't check, but the point is-- >> i'm trying to help you out here, bo. >> the point is, the point is that this is a ridiculous law, people are panicking, they've got to talk about real professional retired law enforcement, capability of carrying a weapon. cops are psychologists, psychiatrist, if you're having a problem, see joey, he has the suit on and also a .9 millimeter in case one of those creeps come into that school. excuse me, protecting.
12:48 am
>> sean: rod wheeler, a homicide detective and do you both think you can outshoot-- >> absolutely. >> sean: you're saying game on here? >> and we do, we squeeze, we don't pull. >> sean: do you think she was pulling. >> no, we're saying you have to squeeze, don't pull. >> i'm a marksman, i used to be. what is your reaction to hear that coall, you're a homicide defective and been called to the scene. >> we get those calls pretty often and it's very important for people to have a weapon in their homes, but i have to say though, sean, i didn't hear in the president's recommendation that the second amendment was really going to be affecting legal individuals, these are people who want to legally carry a weapon and i didn't hear that and we need to see how that plays out. >> sean: and you're disagreeing? and we'll go-- >> and here i represent a trade group and actually we're waiting for the other shoe to drop. while the president is specifically releasing these 23 executive actions, nothing
12:49 am
was said about industry. but they will, without question, cramp down on industry through actions by atf and department of justice. >> sean: there's now going to be, as i understand it, six government agencies overseeing this. let me ask from your perspective, rebecca, if i can. >> sure. >> sean: there are a lot of women that find the need for protective orders, they're holed up in the case of journal news releasing the name of gun owners you have the right to privacy? >> right to privacy? we have a right to the second amendment to bear arms and the journal news should have never ever been so irresponsible to something like that. why don't we worry about the illegal arms trade? that's where most of the guns that are killing people are coming from. criminals are not handling guns that are legally owned by them. >> sean: good point. bill. >> exactly right, one of the biggest things missing from obama's statements, what are we doing for the illegally
12:50 am
trafficking of guns? we're talking in this country, we're taxing people who are legitimate, taking your rights away from legal gun holders, but we're not talking about the whole illegal trafficking of guns. that's where the focus is, why in this country we're infringing on the right to bear and keep our arms. and we're going to get to the point where we're like barney fife, a one bullet in the shirt pocket and only allude to use it-- >> and how many have you chronicled people have used weapons to protect themselves. >> 2.5 million. >> sean: and why doesn't the media talk about that. you experience that in law enforcement, people that protected their families. >> sure. >> what about the fast and furious of our great attorney general, that investigation just stopped. and he's going to pull this whole executive order nonsense and happen out of the white house and now what happens. >> sean: your privilege. >> that one, too. >> sean: mark, real quick. >> sean, take it from a
12:51 am
constitutional perspective. second amendment, heller case, supreme court, right to bear arms by an individual. however, reasonable restrictions apply. governor cuomo says you can only have seven rounds in your clip. bad guys have-- 95% of pistols, illegal i. >> and the bad guys have 15 or 30, so that's not reasonable, that's not a reasonable restriction. >> (applause) >> well said. we are going to take a break, and promise to get you in. and come back, where am i looking here, when we come back closing thoughts and hear more from the audience and wane lapierre and what the gun sense is to go to be now that barack obama and his team said it's a political campaign going after the n.r.a. just (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading.
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>> welcome back to this special edition of "hannity" and we'll continue with our studio audience and the former law officials and gun rights activists and i want to make sure that everybody gets heard tonight. >> my concern is that the laws passed in new york is going to threaten the law abiding honest citizens. look the at mexico, illegal guns in mexico and look what's going on down there. >> and bee talked about this earlier, he they started with
12:56 am
a ten bullet limit in new york and now it's seven and now a handgun ban that they snuck through. >> basically every time i walk out of my house, i'm now a criminal and going back to the second amendment-- >> if you took the bullets out and you're not a criminal. >> i took them out. the second amendment says we have a right to keep and bear arms, but no one talked about the last four words of the amendment. >> shall not be infringed, infringing on my rights to protect myself and my family and the public, that i have a sworn oath to protect. [applause] >> there are a lot of states, if i can, steve, a lot of states are saying, they're fot going fot-- not going to enforce this, don't you dare try to take away a citizen in our state's rights. texas, oklahoma-- >> and yeah, except for new york, d.c. and california, right, go ahead. >> disgraceful what the president has done and disgraceful that these children that advertise that we're going to remove all of
12:57 am
these guns. you go back to 1930's with hitler, he did the same thing. >> sean: isn't that -- isn't that what a lot, we don't talk a lot about. what were the intentions of our founders and framers, we have stalin, we have hitler, we have countries tyrannical, they talked a lot about that and so people say, if you mention that in this day and age, that's extreme. >> and this is exactly right, sean, and what you have here is a lot of empty rhetoric, a lot of posturing, and posing and props as you referenced earlier. all the unborn guns, if another gun was never sold in america, starting at seven o'clock. they're already in play, there's millions in play, in the back of people's pants around the country. in gym bags, in holsters, in ankles and there are the issues not a background check, not empty rhetoric about looking for people right now who purchased guns. those unborn guns are not the issue. it's the guns that came to
12:58 am
birth. they're all out there and the bad guys have them. >> sean: they have them. >> what wayne has is part of the answer, but it's not sustainable, not pragmatic and it's not feasible for bugetary or ideology perspective. put a gun in every school in america, training, and guns, not the single answer, but my position. >> sean: and we heard from you earlier? >> sure, when i started as a prosecutor in 1982 there were 26,000 deaths nationwide from drunk driving, we had a change in the public understanding of personal responsibility. the word designated driver came into being. we now have 11,000 deaths from drunk driving. and in talking to my friend before, the last guy in the world trade center to be found, we --. >> he was buried in the world trade center what 15 hours? >> you know, going to all of this point and i'm retired
12:59 am
port authority police officer in new york and new jersey, buried 13 hours in the world trade center. i want everybody to understand i came from a different country and i love this country i served the military and came out and became a cop. what i want everybody to know and want president obama to know, i feel like our country is divided. we need to come together as one. i get to talk to kids. the lady, the mother of that evil kid that shot those kids should have had enough common sense to think, hey, you know what i should be a responsible gun owner and take these guns and lock them out. out of the house and what i want people to remember is our flag is made out of the blood of patriots, do not give up your rights because when you give up your rights you're going to fight with blood to get the rights back. and that second amendment has given us every other amendment and as a sportsman, as a cop, guns are not the problem. we need to become a better country, need to become better parents and responsible. if we're responsible


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